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Frequently used, most popular quick top words

I like data (have you noticed yet?) – So following on from the Localgov page speedy thing, the list of new Locagov sites, and¬†Localgov beta websites. I’ve hacked together another script to bring you local government trendy words.

Scanning the content for all 430-odd council websites, I’ve compiled a chart for the number of times key phrases appear on council¬†homepage:

Phrase % of homepages
Report it 47%
Do it online 29%
Top task(s) 20%
Pay it 19%
Frequently Asked… 18%
Quick links 15%
Find my nearest 14%
Popular tasks/topics 8%
Straight to 8%
Highlights 7%

As with everything else the code for the scripts we used to get data are on github if you want to hack together something your self.