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We are Jumoo, a company that specializes in evidence-based, customer-focused digital stuff. That means we like numbers, and we like customers, and we like all manner of digital stuff, especially when it buzzes and beeps in those funny ways.

Digital things, like that nice, snazzy mobile phone you’ve got, or the self-driving-smartwatch you’ve seen, are wonderful, and in many ways they make our day-to-day lives easier. From checking the weather forecast before you go the beach, to posting pictures on your favourite social network, of you getting wet at the beach, digital stuff has touched almost every part of our lives.

logoBut, getting carried away with the whizzes and the bangs can be a pain for people when it comes to getting stuff done. Yes, I like the 3D rotating globe of your distribution network but how do I send a package? I love your wonderful video of someone being happy about your new logo, but where is my wheelie bin? We’ve all been at the wrong end of a design experiment that looked good on the powerpoint slides, but just didn’t work for the people who actually have to use the thing.

At Jumoo, we believe that the best way to avoid ending up with a visually appealing pile of junk, is to first understand just what’s happening, and how your customers are using your digital things.


That’s why we put evidence first; finding things out, adding stuff up and spotting the trends all help in understanding just what’s going on. Applying all that evidence, whether it’s quantitative or qualitative, can be the thing that really helps you to focus in on what your customers want, and give them something they can actually use.

It’s not just our obsession with numbers, and our love of gathering around a pie chart scratching our chins, that makes us say that. Following the principle of building a solid evidence base for change, focusing on customers at every stage has helped many organisations see a real difference in how their digital services are used.


measuring what matters

For Liverpool City Council the transformation of the website from a stuffy old organisation based site to a clean, user-focused, task-based one, saw a massive drop in the number of calls coming into the call centre – because people were using the website, almost immediately from launch there was a 400% increase in the use of on-line reporting services and a 22% drop in calls to the call centre. Gloucestershire followed a similar process and saw a 28% drop in calls.

So, at Jumoo, that is what we do. We can help you find and gather the evidence that might be from website analytical data, but it is as likely to come from your call centre, and from actually asking people.

We can help you to understand the evidence, we have oodles of years’ experience in getting the data, finding the information hidden inside it, and turning it into knowledge, in ways that everyone can clearly see and understand. That understanding is what will help you to see what’s going on.


Data is only half the battle, though. Once you’ve worked out what your site needs to do, you need to know that you’re not the only person who thinks it does it. It’s easily done – you know your site inside out; you’re so familiar with all the jargon that your organisation uses, you don’t really think of it as jargon at all. It’s mind-blowing to see just how differently an ordinary user might view the buttons and links on your site, that you were sure were totally self-explanatory.


The little details can mean a lot

We have learned this lesson the hard way. We’ve experienced the crushing disappointment of realising that users don’t understand what we meant at all, and we’ve learned to spot the ambiguities that confuse people. We’ve pulled together the wisdom of international experts in usability, applied it to our own experience, and used it to build websites that work.



We developed and, give away the localgov starterkit for umbraco.

We love digital stuff. We love it so much, we give it away. Everything we write at Jumoo is open source – if you want to just take it, slot it in, fiddle with it until it fits properly, and Bob’s your uncle, you can. If, on the other hand, you want the clever people who wrote it in the first place to come and make it work for you, we will delightedly do that, instead.

We speak “nerd” – put us together with your team, and not only can we understand what they say, but also, get them to understand what you need. Depending on the skills you have available, we can do as much or as little as you need, to get your digital stuff up and running.

Why not get in touch, see how we can help you?