Agile Agile Project Management and the done box

On thing it’s important to remember about agile project development is that everything is agile including how you are managing the project.

Last week we moved offices, the type of thing that is always best planned 4 weeks from the launch of any major site, we’ve been temporarily moved while the old office is improved. but in the meantime we’re in a slightly smaller space with less room to break out into.

This means our Trello based scrums haven’t really been working, just because group access to the tech is a problem - so for the last two weeks of the project we’ve broken out the post it notes and gone old school


Running the project with post-it notes works well for our new space, and with less than two weeks to go, it’s allowed us to ramp up the speed of delivery.

another thing that has helped ramp up the speed is the done box.


the done box as you might have guessed is what you can pick from when you’re post it note has made it to done.

Not very healthy i admit, i think we will be adding fruit to the done box next week. and no we’re not actually that strict you can eat from the done box if you’re not actually done. you just have to be prepared for the heckling.