Translation Manager - Oct 19 Price Updates

Its now two years since we launched Translation Manager for Umbraco 🎉 and in that time, we’ve helped 100’s of people translate millions of words*.

We’ve also released over 40 updates, adding new features, fixing issues and building support for Umbraco 8 and a number of external translation services.

We’ve taken this opportunity to look at how we support and develop Translation Manager and we feel that in-order to continue with a high level of support and commit to the product long term we are going to raise the prices of both Translation Manager v2 and v8.

October 2019 Price Increases

We are implementing a price increase from the 1st October

Translation Manager v2 (for umbraco 7) will increase from £500 to £650

Translation Manager v8 (for umbraco 8) will increase from £650 to £800

the upgrade cost will also go up from £300 to £350

To avoid these price increases purchase your Translation Manager licenses before Oct 1st 2019

Lifetime Licencing

Translation Manager licenses are a one off purchase covering all minor upgrades on the version you buy for. This means you pay once to get the translation tools you need.

Connector Development

We also continue to work with Translation Service Providers to add new connectors to Translation Manager, you should check out our connectors page, or get in touch if you think there is a service you would like to see connected.

*we don’t keep stats, but we know from some of the clients we have direct contact with that we are in the millions