uSync.Complete Agency Licence

To celebrate uSync’s 7th birthday (and because quite a few people have asked us about it), we are launching the uSync.Complete agency licence. It’s an annual subscription which allows you unlimited use of uSync within your company or agency.

uSync.Complete Licence options

You can head over and buy an agency licence now at

Agency licences offer greater flexibility in how you choose to use uSync because you can now use it for all your clients, big or small. There is no restriction on the number of domains or sites you can install it on and it works everywhere*, from local installations and servers to cloud services such as Azure Web Apps or Amazon Web Services.

Now accepting purchase orders and invoice requests

Another thing we know is that buying things like this on credit cards (company or personal!) can be a pain, so we are also now accepting requests to pay via invoice and bank transfer. Simply head on over to our invoice request form and we will get the process started.

Ordering this way will be a little slower as we won’t be able to release the licence information until payment is received, but you can use the trial licences while you wait.

*It is not recommended that you run uSync.Complete on Umbraco Cloud