2023 Price Updates (None)

It’s now over 4 years since we launched uSync.Complete and 6 years since the launch of Translation Manager for Umbraco.

We are now running at over 3 million nuget downloads of uSync, thousands of sites are running uSync.Complete and millions of webpages around the world being translated with Translation Manager.

Every twelve months we like to review things, including our prices, and announce any changes, to give people time to plan.

No price increases in 2023 🎉

Current Pricing.

This year we have decided to keep things how they are:


uSync.Complete Domain Licence £1045
uSync.Complete Agency Licence £2500
uSync.Complete Upgrade (up to Umbraco v13) £385

Translation Manager
Translation Manager £935
Translation Manager Upgrade (up to Umbraco v13) £385

October 2024 Prices Yes, that’s next october (2024)

Agency Licence increases (2024)

We like to give people some notice of a change, so we are
announcing now, that it is out intention to increase the cost of uSync.Complete Agency
licences from 1st October 2024 to £2750.

This change will be made on the 1st Oct - so if you buy an agency licence
between now and that date, you will be charged the current fee (£2500), but
from that date the cost will be £2750.

v13 and Upgrades.

v13 is the next major Long-Term Support release of Umbraco, and as such it’s also
our next major long term support release for uSync/uSync.Complete and Translation Manager.

Currently licences bought for our products cover the current LTS and subsequent STS (Short-Term Support) releases our products. Right now that means a new licence covers v10, 11 and 12.
For v13 onwards a new licence will cover v13, 14, 15, and 16*

Anyone on a current licence will need to purchase an upgrade to run our products on the v13+ versions of umbraco. In-order to offer a buffer between v10 and v13, any products purchased from the 1st October 2023 will include a v13 licence key.

*When you purchase we do give you downlevel licences, so for example after Oct 1st all uSync.Complete licences will come with a v13, v10 and v8 keys, so you can run it on all previous version.

New Subscription Models.

Based on a demand from our customers we are introducing a new subscription model for uSync and Translation Manager domain licences. This isn’t replacing the existing one off licence which we will continue to offer. A more detailed blog post about this offering is coming soon.

Lifetime Licensing

uSync (domain) and Translation Manager licences are one off purchases covering all
minor upgrades for the version you purchase. This means you only pay this price once to
get the tools you need.

Agency Licences

If you have an existing agency licence, price increases will not effect you until
it is time to renew the licence. Agency liceces run on 12 month cycles so if you purchase
an agency licence before the 1st Oct 2024 it will be at the current £2,500 price.