New! Subscription Pricing Models

If you’ve been keeping a close eye on our website, then you might have noticed the
introduction of two new prices for uSync and Translation Manager in the last few

Thats because we’ve introduced subscription pricing for both uSync and Translation Manager domain licences. You can now choose to subscribe to these products rather than
have a large one off spend when you first get them.

Subscription pricing

One Off vs Subscription Pricing

One Off Pricing

One off prices are a single payment for a licence that then works for all the versions
of uSync or translation manager that we make at the time that you buy the licence.

We also guarantee that the license will work for any version of our products up to (but not including) the next major Long Term support release (in Oct 2023 that means working up to v12).

For each LTS release of our products there will be an upgrade cost (currently £385) which gives you a licence for the LTS version and minor versions after that.


Subscription pricing is annual, meaning you pay a fee each year, and this gives you rights
to use the specified product for the 12 month period.

If you don’t renew a subscription your licence will stop working.

During your subscription you are entitled to use uSync on any version we make including
any new releases or LTS versions that may be released while your subscription is active.

Choosing ?

We don’t mind which licence you choose to have, and which one you choose will be down to how your business or website is run and financed.

One off licences give you a single cost for the development of the site.

A one off licence can be part of your development costs, it will last until the next major update so its likely you won’t need to pay any more money for a licence until you move to the next LTS of the site. and if you don’t do that, then you don’t pay any more money.

Subscription licences spread the cost.

Subscription licences are cheaper, and they spread the cost of the licence and upgrades out, so you don’t get any nasty surprises when you come to upgrade the site.

But Why?

Well that is a good question. To be honest, we are not big fans of subscription services, we prefer to buy things and then own them.

But the world does appear to be moving away from this, and owning things outright is increasingly an outdated concept.

To be clear, this is because businesses like to have a regular income, this isn’t because they think customers want to work this way. Regular incomes and client retention make businesses look nicer to investors, businesses buying businesses are more interested in the recurring income vs the one-off income and thats why ‘as-a-service’ exists.

However some people want subscriptions (we know, they have asked us), so here they are. This might fit better with your charging model for your clients, it might just help you with your cash flow. and we are all for helping with that.

So if you want a subscription here they are. If you don’t, the one off pricing model is also still there.