2022 Price updates

Its now been nearly been 3 years since we launched uSync.Complete and 5 years since the launch of Translation Manager for Umbraco.

In that time we have released 100s of updates, kept pace with all the latest releases and features of Umbraco and released a quite a few new cool features of our own 🎉.

We are now taking the opportunity to look at how we continue to support and develop our products. We have concluded that we need to increase the base prices of the products to continue with our high levels of support and development of them.

Nov 1st 2022 Prices increases

From 1st November 2022, we will be increasing our prices:-

  • uSync.Complete Domain Licence £1045 (currently £950)
  • uSync.Complete Agency Licence £2500 (currently £2,250)
  • uSync.Complete Upgrade (v8 -> v9/10) £385 (currently £350)
  • Translation Manager £935 (currently £850)
  • Translation Manager Upgrade Licence (v7 -> v9/10) £385 (currently £350)

To avoid these prices purchase your uSync or Translation Manager licences before 1st November.

(these represent an approx 10% increase)

Lifetime licensing

uSync (domain) and Translation Manager licences are one off purchases covering all
minor upgrades for the version you purchase. This means you only pay this price once to
get the tools you need.

Agency Licences

If you have an existing agency licence, this price increase will not effect you until
it is time to renew the licence. Agency liceces run on 12 month cycles so if you purchase
an agency licence before the 1st of November it will be at the current £2,250 price.