building a local government site

Last week we (@conormoody and myself) spoke at another SOCITM conference about top tasks and the stuff we did on; it’s been a really interesting couple of months, going around the country and talking to everyone and it’s been good to get other people’s reactions to what we’ve done as well as watching the evolving process online as more and more people think about it all.

One thing is for sure, we probably aren’t going to give that presentation again, I’m finding it hard to believe that no one hasn’t seen it, and really it’s getting a bit boring

The presentation gives a whistle stop tour of the work we did to get the site live and what I am really keen on doing next is focusing down on individual bits of what we did.

So I’ve decided to do some “blogging” on the finer points of the development – if nothing so I don’t forget what and how we did it.

There are a few posts I’ve already done, but I suspect I might revisit them and go into more detail