to umbraco (done)

We’ve completed the migration of to umbraco ! #H5WR - launch day

The twelve week project saw us redevelop the existing site functionality, and migrate all content from the current site to the new one (around 800+ pages). During that time we also made a few little changes to the site - As the project was officially a migration so we tried not to be too radical.

Project organisation

The project was ran along agile methods:

Sprints, grouped the work for the week, with a sprint review / planning meeting taking place on a friday (usually around an hour long)

Scrums, were held every other day for most of the project (quite a few of the team had other projects on at the same time) - these were 5-10 minute meetings just to check everything was OK (and on monday to check no one had forgotten friday!)

We booked in 1 hour slots after each scrum as breakouts - these weren’t always used but gave the team the space to explore issues in greater depth throughout the project.

our trello board our trello board

During the project we have used trello to organise and track progress, trello works for us, because the team isn’t always in the office and we don’t always have the space to put stuff on the walls (in factit’s frowned upon sometimes!).

One thing i wouldn’t recommend doing a project of this type is moving offices - at week 8 we moved the entire team into a different building, we lost momentum, our meeting space and even network connectivity for a time.
After we moved offices - we had to adapt to our new (temporary) space, and we moved from the electronic trello board to the more traditional post-it notes on glass approach - this helped us to re-focus and build momentum for the final push.

our post it note window our post it note window

For the migration there have been around 12 members of the team involved at various stages, that number is mainly due to the number of touch points that a large site like has. the core team has been around 4 strong for the life of the project, and they have worked tirelessly to get to the site we have today.