Site Landscapes, understanding multiple audiences and sites

We’ve done work for a number of local authorities all of which have had a complex relationship with the web and how exactly the organisation is presented on-line.

Often as the web and digital services have developed for an organisation, so have the number of sites that the organisation has some involvement in.

We find it’s often useful to map out an organisations site landscape; just what services are offered where and to what audiences. We work with people to get a full picture of just what exists and then we try to represent that visually.

For example, we recently did a high level site landscape for Liverpool city council - Capturing some of the top level sites it as an organisation has any involvement in.

Example of Liverpool Example of Liverpool’s site landscape

We’ve found this to be a powerful tool in communicating just how the sites relate to target audiences can help understand each sites’ remit, where the overlaps are and where if any the gaps are.