Frequently used, most popular quick top words

I like data (have you noticed yet?) - So following on from the Localgov page speedy thing, the list of new Locagov sites, and Localgov beta websites. I’ve hacked together another script to bring you local government trendy words.

Scanning the content for all 430-odd council websites, I’ve compiled a chart for the number of times key phrases appear on council homepage:

Phrase % of homepages
Report it 47%
Do it online 29%
Top task(s) 20%
Pay it 19%
Frequently Asked… 18%
Quick links 15%
Find my nearest 14%
Popular tasks/topics 8%
Straight to 8%
Highlights 7%

As with everything else the code for the scripts we used to get data are on github if you want to hack together something your self.