Localgov starter kit: Demo site

Last week we launched the new and improved Localgov starter kit package for umbraco 7, and you can go download it from our.umbraco.org.

Online Demo

However not everyone has the time or the access to go install Umbraco and the starer kit, so we’ve put up a demo version online for you to look at

The demo is just what you get if you download Umbraco and install the kit on top, you can explore the features and see how it fits together - if you want access to the back end to see how that works, then drop us an email info@jumoo.co.uk and we’ll sort you out with an account.

Github Repository

If you are more developy and want to see all the code, well it’s in the kit and its also now on our github account.

We are encouraging people to take and improve the code, and we always welcome people adding back.