Taskily: the top task survey tool

taskily_logoWe’re very excited today, because we are launching Taskily. It’s a survey tool we’ve built, to make it easier both to run and set-up “Top Tasks” surveys, and also to fill them in.

Task analysis for websites is a great way to understand why people are visiting your site, and what they actually want from it. More and more organisations are using task analysis and Top Task surveys to work out what people actually want from their site.

There is a lot of ground work to creating and running a survey, but at the base level, you create a list of things (or tasks) your website lets people do, then you ask people to pick the most important ones for them, and to put the ones they pick in order of importance.

We built Taskily to scratch an itch. Traditionally, running a Top Task survey involves using one of the popular on-line survey tools, creating a custom survey and collecting data. It works, but it’s not the nicest of experiences either for you, as the person running the survey, or for your users as they try to fill it in. For the users, they often get presented with a long, wordy list of check-boxes, or number fields and told to fill in five. For the person running the survey (you), you get lots of results in a format which then isn’t easy to get the data out of. Taskily makes it easier and quicker to create, edit and fill in a survey, making for happier people all around.

Easy Surveys

Taskily solves these problems, first by giving the people filling in your survey a nice clean interface through which to pick and order the tasks.

It It’s easy to pick things with Taskily You can drag things into the right order for youYou can drag things into the right order for you

Easy admin

As Taskily is built for Top Tasks, the data is stored and returned in a format that is easy to get useful information from. Right from the survey results pages, you can see the graphs of what’s important and you can download and manipulate the data to your heart’s content, if you want more.

All your results are in one place and easy to understand All your results are in one place and easy to understand edit and control your survey  Edit and control your survey

Taskily as a service

We’ve built Taskily as a hosted service, so you can signup and try Taskily now for free.

The free account will give you a feel for how Taskily works and let you build 3 surveys and get 50 responses to each survey. If you want to go further, you can sign up for a standard account which will let you run up to 5 surveys each with unlimited responses - all for £100 a year.

Open Taskily

_Like everything else we do at Jumoo, we are also going to release Taskily as an open source project - we’ve just got to clean up some bits of the code (the ones with api keys and stuff in them). Once that’s done, we will be pushing the code out, so you can run Taskily surveys from your own servers. _