uSync wins Umbraco Package of the Year 🏆

Codegarden is the Annual Umbraco festival, for all things Umbraco, usually held in Odense, Denmark but this year like many other conferences it was held online over two days (10th-11th June).

As well as a host of entertaining and informative talks from the Umbraco team and the wider community. Codegarden is also the place where the annual Umbraco and Umbraco Package awards are announces, and this year we are very proud to say that uSync won Package of the year.

uSync/uSync.Complete Package of the year

uSync won the overall package of the year award, which was described at least once as ‘best in show’.

We are incredibly thankful for all the people who nominated us, and for judging panel for picking uSync for this award.

We don’t do this for the awards, we are incredibly lucky to be building and supporting the tools we love for a friendly and supportive community.

The award was not just for the uSync/uSync.Complete packages but for our overall support, documentation and development of uSync as a tool now used by thousands of developers and agencies around the world

Here is what the Judges said.

“This to us is the best Umbraco Package available. We use uSync in every project we build and have been doing so for years. There’s almost never any issues with it and if there is, Kevin is quick to help out. uSync solves our problem of deploying back office data, allowing source controlled changes. In our opinion, there is no Umbraco without uSync.”

Try uSync today

uSync is Free and lets you keep your settings and content (via uSync.ContentEdition) on disk so you and your developers can keep everything in source control and sync all of your local, development and live projects as part of your deployment processed.

uSync.Complete is our premium product that allows you to dynamically sync settings, content and media without ever leaving Umbraco. Its great for editors working on stage / live setups and it gives you all the tools you might ever need to keep Umbraco installations in sync everywhere.