uSync v9 and uSync.Complete v9 are out ๐ŸŽˆ

Umbraco 9 is out ! ๐ŸŽ‰ and we can all now enjoy the wonderful world of Umbraco running on .Net 5.0.

Because we like to keep up, uSync9 and uSync.Complete 9 are also out today โšก So while you are developing your shiny new .NetCore website, you can keep things upto date and in sync.

Any when youโ€™re ready to hand it over to a client, they can use uSync.Completeโ€™s award winning features to push and pull content and media between their Umbraco sites.

uSync 9

uSync9 has all the amazing features and support you have come to expect from uSync on v8 - in fact you can even use uSync to migrate all of your site settings and content from an Umbraco 8 site to your Umbraco 9 builds

You can add uSync to your project now - via nuget.

PS> dotnet add package uSync

uSync.Complete v9

uSync.Complete brings the whole suite of uSync tools to Umbraco 9:

  • uSync.Exporter - import and export groups of settings and content between sites.
  • uSync.Snapshots - lets you take point in time exports of your site,
  • uSync.PeopleEdition - lets you sync your users and members between sites
  • uSync.Publisher - lets you push and pull content, media and settings between sites without ever leaving the comfort of your browser.

uSync.Complete is also available via nuget, and will give you a 60 day free trial so you can try out all of the cool features before purchasing a licence.

PS> dotnet add package uSync.Complete

uSync.Complete pricing

Domain License

Domain licenses cover your use of uSync.Complete for a single project; for uSync.Complete v9 a domain licence is ยฃ950 (+vat where applicable) - this is a ยฃ50 increase on the uSync.Complete price for v8.

Get uSync.Complete

if you want to upgrade from v8 to a v9 licence the upgrade cost is ยฃ350.

We will continue to sell the v8 only licence for a few more months, but when you buy a v9 licence you will get a v8 key - so you might as well buy for v9 now.

Agency License

Agency licencing prices have not changed, and agency licenses will work on both the v8 and v9 versions of uSync, so if you have an agency licence you can start working on uSync.Complete v9 sites with your clients today!