Translation Manager v9 is out 🎈

Umbraco 9 is out ! 🎉 and we can all now enjoy the wonderful world of Umbraco running on .Net 5.0.

To help keep all of your cool new multi-lingual websites up-to-date we are release the new Multi-targeted version of Translation Manager.

Translation Manager v9

Translation manager v9, is our tried and trusted translation management tool for Umbraco 8 brought to the Umbraco v9 platform.


Everything will continue to work just like you expect it to. Infact this version of Translation manager is multi-targeted, which means the same installation can work on both Umbraco v8 and Umbraco v9 sites.

A multi-targeted approach to Translation Manager means we can continue to offer great support to our v8 and v9, while any new features can be simultaneously release on both platforms.


Out commitment to our exiting customers*, means that translation manager will work with your existing licence keys on Umbraco v8.

To run Translation Manager on Umbraco 9 you will need a v9 licence. These will cost £850 from new, and if you want to upgrade from v8 the cost will be £350.

Get Translation Manager

If you purchase an Translation Manager v9 licence you will also receive an Translation Manager v8 licence key - so you can purchase for v9 now even if you are going to be running v8 for a little while longer

At the moment we are selling Translation Manager v8 and Translation Manager v9 licenses - but we are going to phase out v8 licenses soon. Then you will have to buy a v9 licence if you are running Umbraco 8 or Umbraco 9.

*a v8 licence of Translation Manager is valid for all versions of Translation manager of Umbraco v8 so this includes the new Translation Manager v9 running on Umbraco v8